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“Best Wine Stain Remover… We have a lot of ad hoc experience at F&W removing red wine stains from clothes and tablecloths. Recently we put our favorite methods to a test, which confirmed that Erado-Sol (the commercial name for Stain Rx) erases all traces of both fresh and old stains.”

“To test Stain Rx, we mashed strawberries, blood and coffee into two white shirts. On one, a splash of Stain Rx removed the berry juice. Two more splashes, and the other splotches went beige. A cold-water machine wash left the shirt nearly spotless,” Caroline Hsu.




 "Proven cleaner hits retail market...” 



“Removes red wine from cotton like magic,” says Smallin Kuper. “Tuck a few in your purse to quickly treat spots on just about anything.” See the online version of the article here.






"Our testers went crazy for this." See Stain Rx® on the Today Show here






Says Katie Kelly Bell,"... the wipes are miracle-workers when it comes to lifting wine stains out of carpet, clothes, and even the dog (yes, the dog, long story)." See the article here.