Q: Does Stain Rx® work on every stain?

A:  No stain remover works on every stain.  Independent studies show that not only is Stain Rx® the best red wine stain remover on the market (University of California – Davis), they also show that Stain Rx® works well as a berry stain remover, lipstick stain remover, blood stain remover and also removes balsamic vinegar, beet juice, coffee, cranberry juice, fruit punch, grape juice, gravy, pomegranate, tea, tomato sauce, vanilla extract, antiseptic solutions, fresh hair dye, grass, iodine, mascara, urine, stool, and more.


Q:  What ingredients do you use?

A:  First, let us tell you what isn’t in Stain Rx®. It contains no bleach, peroxide, phosphates, fragrances or dyes  (the Spring Fresh Fragrance has fragrance and dye). In fact, our first major change to this 50+ years old product came years ago when we discovered a readily biodegradable surfactant that would work to our standards of quality and excellence. That change made Stain Rx® better for humans, animals and our environment.  Our second and third major changes were recent - we took out the dye and fragrance from Stain Rx®.  This too is better for humans (including their noses), animals and our environment. No, we don’t test on animals.  


Q:  How do I know if I’m using Stain Rx® the right way?

A:  Descriptions for every type of Stain Removal are available on our “How to Remove Stains Page”. 


Q:  How long after ordering Stain Rx® will I receive it?

A:  Depending on where you live, generally between 3 to 7 business days.


Q: What if after using Stain Rx® I’m not happy with it?
 A: All of our Stain Rx® products come with a 30-day money back guarantee.


Distributor and Private Label Stain Rx®

We welcome all distributor and private label inquiries. Just contact the Gold Brothers